Why choose Skiphire?

When it comes to waste management, having the right skip hire solution can make all the difference. Whether you’re undertaking a construction project, a home renovation, or simply doing some spring cleaning, finding a reliable and affordable skip hire service is crucial. That’s where national skip hire comes in. National skip hire companies, like skiphire.uk.com,

The Ultimate Solution for Waste Management in Liverpool and Merseyside

When it comes to waste management in Liverpool and Merseyside, skip hire is a highly effective and convenient solution. With the help of Premier Waste, a professional skip hire company, you can easily and efficiently dispose of your waste, without the need for costly and time-consuming DIY methods. At Premier Waste, we specialize in providing

Best Practices for Kerb-side Glass Recycling

To ensure that kerb-side glass recycling is successful, it is important to follow best practices. Sort Glass by Colour: Glass bottles and jars should be sorted by color before being placed in the recycling bin. This is because different colored glass has different uses in the manufacturing process. Remove Lids and Labels: Lids and labels

Why recycling is important

In the skip hire industry, recycling plays a vital role in reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. With the growing concern over the environmental impact of waste disposal, more and more people are looking for ways to recycle as much of their waste as possible. One of the main benefits of

Eleven EU countries fail on Single-Use Plastics Directive

The European Commission has opened legal proceedings against 11 member states for implementing the Single-Use Plastics Directive too slowly. They are: Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, France, Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Finland. None had yet told the Commission how they proposed to fully implement the Directive. They have two months to take the necessary

The dos and don’ts of skip hire

There are a number of things that you should bear in mind when you decide to hire a skip, regarding what you can and cannot put into the skip, which size you will require for your project and whether you’ll require any permits. Here, we run through the relevant information you will need in order to

How does the construction industry tackle hazardous waste?

The construction industry produces a substantial amount of waste every year. In fact, according to a study by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs in 2018, this amounted to 62% of all waste in the UK. And the Environmental Agency believes that the quantity of waste has increased in recent years due to the encouragement of brownfield remediation

Best Practices for Construction Waste Management

Construction waste makes up one-third of the total refuse nationwide in the US. Such a statistic makes it clear it is important to make better use of debris and existing building materials to make substantial changes. Construction waste poses a great danger to the environment. For this reason, construction industries need to find suitable methods to

How is glass recycled?

Domestic waste glass is easy to recycle. The UK currently recycles around 71% of container glass, like bottles and jars. The glass sector is working towards a 90% collection rate for glass by 2030. Why is it important to recycle glass? Glass is 100% recyclable and can be endlessly recycled with no loss of quality. New

The paper recycling process

There is increasing awareness about environmental sustainability among consumers and businesses. And this awareness is also growing when it comes to paper and printing. That’s why we thought that a closer look at the recycling process might be interesting to those who are environmentally conscious and try to make green choices. Today, we’re going to

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