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Sometimes, there are situations where you might wonder whether you need a skip but are afraid of wasting money because you won’t maximise the use of your skip. However, trust us when we say that there is a time and a place for a skip and we are about to cover the four situations where you should hire a skip.


When it comes to new driveways, skips are almost always required. It is quite surprising how much old material will need to be disposed of. Its large, heavy waste that is difficult to dispose of any other way, so it makes sense to hire a skip. This will ensure that the material can be managed easily and you can remove it at speed.


If you think that you can put garden waste into a few bin bags or garden waste bags and then whisk them down to your local recycling centre then think again! It is quite surprising how much waste you can amass once you begin cleaning up your garden. Commonly, you will only require a small or midi skip as these are often sufficient enough for garden waste. However, if you need something larger then there are bigger skips available too.

“After a year in lockdown, we decided it was important to get our garden cleared up. We were going to lump all of our garden waste into the back of the car, but we quickly realised just how many trips it would take. We contacted a local skip hire company and they did not disappoint. Great value and they delivered and collected the skip on time!” Caroline – Uxbridge


Whether you are clearing your own home or a rental property, you need to make sure that you remove household goods quickly and efficiently. House clearances can often leave you with all kinds of items such as clothing, furniture and other general waste. It makes sense to spend money on a skip as this will enable you to clean the house whenever it suits you while managing waste efficiently. Just be sure to check out what restrictions there are, as there are some items which cannot be placed in a skip, such as mattresses, electronic items (anything with a plug!) and fridges/freezers. It’s a cost-effective option that is convenient too, that is the reason why most people choose to hire skips when it comes to house clearances.


Property renovations will often involve the removal of different forms of waste. This can include anything from drywall to timber, tiles, kitchens and plasterboard – just remember, plasterboard requires specialist disposal, so it must not be placed in a general waste skip. If you do have plasterboard you need to get rid of, please contact us for a quote for a plasterboard skip. Contaminating general mixed waste with plasterboard can be very expensive to rectify, so make sure your builders are aware too not to put any in your skip! Of course, waste can even include old slabs, wooden flooring and anything else that requires removal. Dumping all of this waste on the front lawn is only going to delay the issue of removing waste, so hiring a skip will enable you to keep your property clean and tidy.

Skips provide an effective solution when it comes to removing waste in many different situations. Whether it’s a small job such as renovating a bathroom, removing garden waste or full property renovations, they enable you to save time, money and effort. Your other option is to take several trips to your local tip to remove waste, all of which will take up your time and result in it taking longer to remove your waste.

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