When we put together our guidelines for what can/can’t go in our skips, we thought, what are the weirdest things ever to be found in a skip?

Well after some investigating, here are some of our favuorites:

1) A caravan

That’s right, an actual caravan was found in a skip. As large as our 12-yard skips are, they’re not cut out for a caravan! Although it’s a great effort getting the caravan into the skip, we must stress how harmful this can be for the surrounding area

A caravan is not only far too large for a skip in cubic yards, but it is also made up of hazardous materials that can’t be disposed of in a regular skip hire service. So, think about your waste removal before chucking your caravan away!

2) A motorbike

Another bizarre item found in a skip, a fully functioning motorbike! A fully restored 1939 Vincent HRD Series-A Rapide motorcycle was found, a very

expensive model to be thrown away in a skip.

Not only is it a massive waste of money, but it’s also forbidden to load a skip with most of the materials that make up this bike. Items like tires that make up the bike cannot be loaded into any skip and require special attention to get rid of to make sure it’s as environmentally friendly as possible.

3) Cash

Not the most popular of items to throw away but there have still been cases of skips full of cash! Back in 2018, a local employee at a skip hire company found a bag full of money adding up to £7,000. We’re not sure who would throw money away but if you are thinking about it, don’t!

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